Unique in the world! A British Lancaster bomber that crashed in 1945 was brought in in more than 2000 pieces of wreckage, large and small. The Plane Hunters Research/Recovery Team Belgium v.z.w. completed the airplane puzzle in two days. Under the sloping roof of the Lancaster Pavilion, a screening room has been created for which Mr.Beam Studio has created the content for the Overloon War Museum and Mr.Beam Productions has realized the technical implementation.

The room-wide audio system has been created with AED Audio (3 x FLEX6 + 1 x SOLID15), excellent for the reproduction of spoken word and audio effects.

9 Epson Projectors (EB-L1075) were mounted in a custom-made housing to show a very impressive film, devoted to 'freedom', on a projection surface of 14.76 x 5.30 meters. The side walls (6.50 x 3.60 meters) are also integrated.

Oorlogs Museum Overloon | Janneke Kennis & Marlon van der Linden
Mr.Beam Studio | Mo Assem
Mr.Beam Production | Onno Hekman
FotoCredit Lancaster Paviljoen | Mertijn Nelissen

Equipment list

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