AED Audio is happy to announce the availability of a new firmware update, Audio Updater (1.2.5) for the FLEX and SOLID Series. This version fixes a number of minor bugs and is therefore a stability improvement.


The following issues were also addressed:

Additionally, the Netcontrol software is now available for Mac operating systems.
The Mac based version uses the same base version of Netcontrol (1.1.1).

Find the latest downloads here

After a successful Integrated Systems Europe exhibition, AED Audio is happy to welcome SONIK as its new distributor for Iceland.


Hlynur Friðriksson, CEO of SONIK, shares his excitement: “After looking into several different audio brands , and having worked with some of the bigger brands in the market for the past years, we came to the conclusion that AED AEDIO was best suited to fulfill our needs as an audiovisual total solution service provider. Our mission is to grow with the AED brand by incorporating new products into our stock as they are launched.. AED’s design philosophy is just great : I have not encountered a single audio system on the market that offers such flexibility, versatility, efficiency and quality.”

Michael Staffopoulos, Senior International Sales Manager for AED group, adds: “I am absolutely thrilled to team up with SONIK. As a longtime partner for AED group, it made sense for both parties to secure this collaboration for AED Audio in Iceland. I am confident they will spread the right message for our brand, as they were one of the early adopters of this unique new piece of technology. Their excellent technical expertise and strong local network, will ensure a perfect representation for AED AUDIO in Iceland.. Happy times ahead!”

About SONIK:
Sonik is a young and enthusiastic AV company founded in 2014 in Reykjavik Iceland, founded by 2 friends and passionate AV industry professionals.
Since then Sonik has grown to be a full service AV company, offering all sorts of audio-, lighting- and video solutions either for rental, sales or permanent install. Today Sonik employs 10 people full time. The company is known for offering innovative and high-quality stage equipment that has received praise from industry professionals .

Welcome to the future of event production, thanks to the AED Audio Universal Touring Dolly! Say goodbye to bulky setups and lengthy preparation times. Our new Universal Touring Dolly is designed with efficiency and ease in mind, streamlining your production setup by enabling pre-cabling and transport in a play-ready state.


Optimize Time and Crew

Why spend hours setting up at the venue when you can arrive ready to go? The AED Audio Universal Touring Dolly is the answer to efficient event management. With pre-cabling that can be prepared in the warehouse, this system is ready for action as soon as it reaches the venue. Minimal crew is needed for load-in and load-out, saving you time and labor costs since everything is pre-produced and consolidated into one transportable unit.

Universal & Flexible Design

The AED Audio Universal Touring Dolly is not just efficient, it’s adaptable. It's a Universal Touring Dolly that’s flexible enough to fit different equipment setups:

  • Fits multiple SOLID15's (optionally stacked with FLEX6's)
  • Fits 1x SOLID28 (optionally stacked with SOLID15's and/or FLEX6's)
  • Fits multiple MULTI SUB's (optionally stacked with MULTI12's)
  • This flexibility means that no matter what configuration your event requires, the AED Audio Universal Touring Dolly has got you covered.

Keep the Cables Connected

One of the biggest challenges in event setup is dealing with the multitude of cables. With the AED Audio Universal Touring Dolly, that’s a thing of the past! Keep all your cabling connected during transport. This means no more plugging and unplugging, no more cable management headaches.

Movable Wooden Cable Tray & Bluewheels Included

To further enhance its efficiency, the AED Audio Universal Touring Dolly includes a movable wooden cable tray for easy cable management and organization. Moreover, it comes with durable Bluewheels which ensure smooth transport and precise positioning.

Wrapping It Up

The AED Audio Universal Touring Dolly is changing the game in the event production industry. With its ability to transport play-ready systems, its universal and flexible design, and its ability to keep cabling connected during transport, this dolly is the ultimate tool for efficiency. Save time, reduce crew requirements, and eliminate the hassle of setup with the AED Audio Universal Touring Dolly.

Wheel in, power on, and you're ready to rock!

This is not just a statement – it's a promise of the seamless experience that awaits you. The AED Audio Touring Dolly is now also available at AED Rent. Contact us today for more information or to place an order.

After a successful Integrated Systems Europe exhibition, AED Audio is happy to welcome SGS Sistemas as its new distributor for the Baltic countries: Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.


Normunds Eilands, CEO of SGS, shares his excitement: “SGS Sistemas has a rich product range that includes many audio brands, covering everything from microphones and headphones to digital consoles. Knowing the growing demands of our customers and projects, we have been actively looking in the market for a new audio system maker.” Eilands continues, “During our visit to AED Audio's demo room at the ISE exhibition in Barcelona, we really liked AED's design philosophy. Their product range may be small, but it’s cleverly made so that customers can create different setups, from background music at small corporate events to big stages. We are hopeful that our customers will see and appreciate the flexibility, versatility, efficiency, and top quality of these products."

Michael Staffopoulos, Senior International Sales Manager for AED group, adds: “We are very happy to have SGS as our first exclusive distributor of AED Audio products worldwide. Their active approach showed me that they truly understand the unique value AED Audio brings to the industry, especially in terms of scalability and flexibility. Normunds and his skilled team will serve the entire Baltic region, and we are confident in their ability to be excellent representatives of our product range. SGS Sistemas’ expertise, combined with their wide local network and excellent after-sales service, makes them a perfect choice for this partnership. We are looking forward to building a strong presence for AED Audio in the Baltic countries.”

About SGS Sistemas
SGS Sistemas is a full-service company based in Riga, Latvia, specializing in the sales of professional stage equipment and technologies. The company creates technical solutions tailored for various public spaces and events. Over the years, SGS Sistemas has expanded its reach across the Baltic region and represents leading manufacturers in the entertainment industry. The company is known for offering innovative and high-quality stage equipment that has received praise from industry professionals and famous public figures alike.

AED Audio products are in stock in Belgium and the first orders have been delivered to customers all over Europe.


It has been an extraordinarily turbulent year for the whole world. Due to the COVID-19 virus, the world was in a pandemic state unlike anything experienced in recent decades. This has particularly impacted certain sectors, such as the sector in which AED Audio is active: the events sector. This 'socially-sensitive' sector is having a rough time, and it's a major struggle for many people and companies to keep their heads above water.

The AED Audio brand was launched during the AED group's annual Customer Nights in December 2019. During 2020, the AED Audio team worked hard to further improve and fully perfect the beta models demonstrated in 2019. This resulted in even better cabinets that are made completely airtight, resulting in +3 dB more output.

Since the beginning of December, the three AED Audio models (the FLEX6 multifunctional active line source loudspeaker, the SOLID15 active low cabinet or subwoofer, and the SOLID28 active subwoofer) have been in stock at the Belgian warehouse in Willebroek. And, even though the world is faced with many economic problems, the first batch of stock is already nearly completely sold out.

First customers speak positively about the products 

A large group of various customers all over Europe have received their orders and will be using them in different ways. For example, Tec2Fun Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH in Graz, Austria, has chosen 12 FLEX6, 4x SOLID15 and various accessories for a nearby installation project. Patrick Reymenams of Trikke Lighting in Belgium bought 2x FLEX6 and 4X SOLID15 so that they will be ready for a good session of rock 'n roll when the festival season starts again.

In the Netherlands, Martijn Verduin of MTN Support and Remco and Marjan Wiegel of DreamView have invested in 40x FLEX6, 16x SOLID15, 8x SOLID28 and all kinds of accessories. Both companies have adapted their business focus during the Corona pandemic and have been occupied with streaming activities. Faith in the product is very high and their knowledge and experience will be used to further improve and perfect the NetControl software.

During its annual Customer Nights event in the AED Studios in Lint Belgium, AED group has launched a new audio brand, named AED Audio.


Continuing its history, AED group comes back to its legacy by launching its own speaker brand.  It was already 1985 that AED Rent designed and build speakers which were sold to rental and install houses. From 1985 until today, AED became a leading company to provide AV professionals with products and services to improve their daily business.

AED Audio will come with a range of three products.

The FLEX6 loudspeaker is the only professional multipurpose audio product avail¬able worldwide on the market, useable for a variety of applications. Because of its multipurpose way of deployment, this 1.300 RMS powered speaker can be used in several ways. Put the FLEX6 on a pole, stack it and create a column array, fly it as a line array up to sixteen cabinets, put two horizontally on a pole in a sub-top combination, etc.

The SOLID15 is a compact, single 15 inch, 1.800W RMS low cabinet or subwoofer which can be used in many scenarios and in several configurations. The SOLID15 can be operated standalone, flown and stacked. The front-loaded subwoofer gives you the extra punch that you desire.

The SOLID28 combined with the SOLID15 in low and the FLEX6 gives you access to a large scale of applications. This double 18 inch band pass powered subwoofer with a 3.000W RMS robust amplifier module gives you a massive output of 137 max SPL! With a frequency response of 25 Hz to 150 Hz, this subwoofer is able to go extremely deep and give you extraordinarily low frequencies.

From April on, these 3 models will be on stock to supply. Next year, this product range will be expended with several more products which all are 100% compatible when it comes to rigging.

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