December 21, 2020

AED Audio products are in stock in Belgium and the first orders have been delivered to customers all over Europe.


It has been an extraordinarily turbulent year for the whole world. Due to the COVID-19 virus, the world was in a pandemic state unlike anything experienced in recent decades. This has particularly impacted certain sectors, such as the sector in which AED Audio is active: the events sector. This 'socially-sensitive' sector is having a rough time, and it's a major struggle for many people and companies to keep their heads above water.

The AED Audio brand was launched during the AED group's annual Customer Nights in December 2019. During 2020, the AED Audio team worked hard to further improve and fully perfect the beta models demonstrated in 2019. This resulted in even better cabinets that are made completely airtight, resulting in +3 dB more output.

Since the beginning of December, the three AED Audio models (the FLEX6 multifunctional active line source loudspeaker, the SOLID15 active low cabinet or subwoofer, and the SOLID28 active subwoofer) have been in stock at the Belgian warehouse in Willebroek. And, even though the world is faced with many economic problems, the first batch of stock is already nearly completely sold out.

First customers speak positively about the products 

A large group of various customers all over Europe have received their orders and will be using them in different ways. For example, Tec2Fun Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH in Graz, Austria, has chosen 12 FLEX6, 4x SOLID15 and various accessories for a nearby installation project. Patrick Reymenams of Trikke Lighting in Belgium bought 2x FLEX6 and 4X SOLID15 so that they will be ready for a good session of rock 'n roll when the festival season starts again.

In the Netherlands, Martijn Verduin of MTN Support and Remco and Marjan Wiegel of DreamView have invested in 40x FLEX6, 16x SOLID15, 8x SOLID28 and all kinds of accessories. Both companies have adapted their business focus during the Corona pandemic and have been occupied with streaming activities. Faith in the product is very high and their knowledge and experience will be used to further improve and perfect the NetControl software.

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